Just for the record


Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence.

It’s the date the Battle at Puebla took place where the French army of about 8,000 attacked a poorly equipped Mexican army of 4,500 and still they managed to kick the French’s ass.

Simple, short and to the point.






OMG the accuracy lmao
perpetual-enigma-of-a-warpedmind said: YAY - you're back (^_^)

=D I’m happy this makes you happy hehe

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Dawwe!! I missed posting lol I try and update as much, life is busy though :/

escalerasyserpientes said: Thanks for posting again, your tumblr makes me very happy , haha, btw , the correct hashtag is "problemas mexicanos" not "mexicanas" ; :)

Aww thank you! 

& Good looking out for the hashtag lol :)