When people ask me about Mexican food.

  • Person: Hey have you tried Mexican food?
  • Me: You mean everyday food?
vieenviolet said: I just saw all those comments about Mexicans having Asian ancestry and I felt the need to mention that I have been asked multiple times if I am Japanese or have some Asian ancestry because of my last name. I don't no one in my immediate family that is Asian. However, I have met various Asians that have similar last names as mine or spelling. So who knows maybe hundreds of years ago there was one Asian man that emigrated to Mexico. BTW my last name is Tinoco.

Just another example of how diverse and rich the Mexican culture is. And we’re only talking about the Asian influence in Mexico, there are other countries that make up our beautiful people. :)

"Hija trae el carrito para acá"

Allá voy madre.

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To elaborate on your previous answer this graph should help: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m1t2tv3vyB1r0bqbdo1_1280.jpg (sorry if you guys have to cut and paste to view the link -.-) anyway our early ancestors did come from Asia at some point, which is pretty clear if you look at most of the indigenous people of Latin America they have certain features (like the Epicanthic fold aka “asian eyes” ) that do make them look somewhat Asian.

Also yeah, there was a large influx of Asian (mostly Chinese & Japanese) immigration into countries like Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th century

Thankyou! This helps :)

My mom’s favorite part of the show. lol
nancyyylopez said: for the mexican problem 184 my parents never made me do that but i try to make my 3 yr old brother do that to me b|c he randomly walks on my back sometimes when im on the floor or bed & its a nice massage but he never does it again when i want him to lmfaoo

Haha, I’ve asked my little cousins to do this to me before too, but they’re grown now and I don’t want them breaking my back lol.

yesiliveinafairytale said: haha i'm not Mexican, but my parents are hispanic and they say some of this stuff :)

Isn’t it awesome how we find similarities lol. Thanks for checking out the blog! :)

lucyareth said: yeah ! that's kinda why my grandma is from chinesse desendant, some cousins and my tio have chinesse looking eyes

Yeah, a lot of factors come into play here. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who has wondered why this is..lol.