angrybrownbaby said: Spain also colonized the Philippines and we were traded back and fourth during the slave trades. Descendents reside in both countries.

Thanks for your input. Learning all kinds of stuff today lol

atapaveli said: I’ve also heard that in the Yucatan area there was a huge wave of Koreans that emigrated to Mexico and intermarried. Because of that a good amount of “yucatecos” have Korean ancestry.

Oh, see this I didn’t know! Thanks for the input. I learned something new today :)

On the “Asian” eyes question..

fabulousflow said: Also, there was a migration of Chinese to Mexico back in the day…that’s where “China Poblana” comes from!

Oh, thank you! That too, should be taken into consideration. :)

ramonxscum said: this whole blog describes my chilhood lol

Aww yeaa, don’t ya love it! :D

cholas-go-to-sk00l-too said: why do some mexicans look asian? o have those asian eyes. cuz i have em. lol

Ok, so being the nerd that I am..I’ve actually asked this question before and came up with my own “theory.” And if it sounds completely ridiculous to anyone, please go ahead and send me your input lol. 

Ok, so to my understanding, thousands of years ago there was a land/ice bridge connecting what is now Russia/Siberia and Alaska. I think that some nomads traveled from what is now considered China, possibly other Asian areas and they crossed this land bridge into Alaska and slowly started working their way down to North, Central and South America. This would explain why there are people in certain Latin American countries with these “Asian” eyes. And you can also take into account, the Eskimos from Alaska, native Americans here in the United States, then into Mexico and central American countries, and all the way down to even Peru. So this is the closest explanation I have. I hope that helps. lol. 

2homo-deactivated20130802 said: LOLOLOLOLOLOL I do some of these things. The things I don't my aunt's uncles do. LOLOLOLOL

We learn from the best lmao

I was always afraid I was going to hurt my dad while doing this lol…

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